Your global player in financial & logistical solutions for the medical equipment industry


For more than 20 years now we are the partner for pharmaceutical organizations, central labs and healthcare providers. We provide our customers with reliable high-level quality managed equipment services with integrated or stand alone financial solutions for medical and lab devices.

With our managed equipment services we are able to decrease the total cost of ownership of your equipment and diminish the operational non-core processes in the organization of our customers in a cost effective and easy way. Our financial solutions enable you to use the equipment needed without having to buy it and our digital solutions will increase efficiencies during the overall process.

MediCapital group is the only service provider able to finance the deployment of medical equipment while also delivering added value in the execution. Our way of working shows through our solution driven approach, providing capital in the broadest sense with execution skills that range from rent to logistics. At MediCapital Group we offer custom made solutions, thus creating more value in the complete chain.


About the founders

Jeroen Kok & Joanna Kok-Szymanska

The founders remain active up until today and are continuously on the pursuit of new innovations to disrupt the industry. With their unorthodox ‘can-do’ approach they dusted off a once boring industry. They have maintained their competitive edge and still have an appetite for growth.

Nowadays the founders have set up several other companies as part of an ever-growing Group of Companies. Everything they do is driven by their vision: there is no progress without change. They don’t talk about change; they make it happen on a daily basis. They invite you to think with them on further revolutionizing this industry.

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